The Scottsdale Police State

August 12, 2008 by Frank · 16 Comments 

Scottsdale, Arizona is a corrupt, shyster, sad excuse for a city government and police department.

Scottsdale maintains a police state where photo radar cameras lie in wait on every block and on the freeway, and red light cameras are going up on every corner.

To further bolster their money-grubbing schemes, the city has been artificially lowering speed limits on photo-enforced streets.   Read more

The Scottsdale Woman

August 12, 2008 by Frank · 19 Comments 

This one took some thought, since there are three distinct species of Scottsdale female, as opposed to the single bland variety of Scottsdale male. Ok, here goes:

1. The Scottsdale Golddigger   Read more

The Scottsdale “Man”

August 12, 2008 by Frank · 15 Comments 

The Scottsdale “Man” Defined:

Age – Under 35:

Attire: Winter/Spring/Fall: Untucked oversized long-sleeved Affliction or Ed Hardy shirt with sleeves unbuttoned, baggy “relaxed fit” jeans, and black shoes that were never meant to be worn with jeans. Gelled spikey hair. (He wears oversized shirts believing they will make him look bigger.)   Read more

Scottsdale Personality Traits

August 11, 2008 by Frank · 14 Comments 



I posted this a year ago, but since there’s been a recent rise in traffic – we even have some new trolls here – I thought I’d repost this “must read” for our newcomers – I originally found this on another site’s discussion forum in a thread about Scottsdale:

If I had to choose one word (OK, a hyphenated word…) to describe the vibe here, it would be “self-absorbed.”   Read more