AZCentral posts bogus article about “Market Street’s Success”

August 30, 2007 by Frank · 5 Comments 

What a sham. They must be taking payoffs from the owners of that crap now that I’ve publicized and posted photos of Market Street’s over-50% vacancy rate and the fact that it’s the Detroit of Arizona now.

I always figured Scottsdale people deliberately lied and posed, but now I’m starting to believe they’re delusional and actually believe their own b.s. You’d HAVE to be delusional (or have an IQ in the single digits) to believe that Market Street at DC Ranch is a success. The entire project has become a miserable failure, in fact the single biggest retail failure I’ve ever seen.

For those who missed it, here are the pictures of Market Street at DC Ranch again.

Here’s what one of AZCentral’s few readers with a brain commented:

“Market Street… has not attracted enough patrons for lunches” … This shouldnt be a surprise. This may be an upscale neighborhood but its residents are primarily working class. The great majority of owners work during the day leaving few adults in the community to patronize lunch eateries … residents in this area aren’t as affluent as DMB predicted. Dont forget DC Ranch is still a majority of working class residents.

Paradise Valley “Socialite”?

August 30, 2007 by Frank · 3 Comments 

I just saw an article about a P.V. “socialite” who is being deported for numerous offenses.

Come on. Socialite? I’m sorry to tell you, but Arizona does not have socialites.

It really makes me laugh how hard so many Arizona residents, and their newspaper, pretend that Phoenix is LA or NYC. It’s not. Get over it, and grow up. Like I’ve said a thousand times, there’s nothing wrong with not being another LA or NYC. Really, there isn’t. If Phoenix would just learn to have its own identity and live with that, it might not be so bad.

But no, it won’t. Phoenix, and Scottsdale in particular, lives under the delusion that it is LA. However, there are no “socialites” in AZ. The closest thing to a socialite in that town are the low-life druggies who frequent Scottsdale’s wannabe clubs, and that doesn’t cut it.

PS: When I lived in Arizona I always saw Paradise Valley as upscale and affluent. I’d drive through it and marvel at some of the houses. Now that I don’t live in Arizona anymore and went back for a recent visit, driving through Paradise Valley left me with the impression that it’s as ugly and dusty as anywhere in the Valley. It’s all relative, people. Get out and experience other places and you’ll realize how bad you have it.

Scottsdale photo revenue up 7%

August 28, 2007 by Frank · 1 Comment 

They call the money “fines” but it’s really “taxation without representation.”

Some ignorant moron person who apparently cares little about the concept of freedom and our founding fathers posted this bit of self-righteous stupidity on AZCentral:

Simple solution…no speeding, no worries! And maybe, just maybe, the life you save will be MINE or someone I care about, since your own life means so little to you.

Hmm … that might be a workable solution if Scottsdale wasn’t lowering all of their speed limits to artifically low numbers that are completely unrealistic. Did you know they’re lowering it to 25 mph along Camelback Road through Scottsdale? 25 MPH! Sorry, but you can’t just sit back and give up all of your rights and accept that and say “no speeding, no worries.” Might as well just bend over and say “f*** me, oh government masters.”

I think it’s a despicable shame that the Scottsdale sheeple are such a docile indifferent bunch who don’t give a shit about anything this country stands for. The whole lot of them should be strapped down to chairs and have their eyelids taped open and forced to watch “The Patriot.” (This shouldn’t be hard since they have no resistance to any violation of their freedom or rights.) Then let’s see how they feel about a govenment extortion scheme like photo radar combined with artificial, fraudulent speed limits that are not based on actual engineering studies, as Arizona state law requires them to be.

Not to mention the fact that if you read any serious scientifically-done study on the subject, you will learn that speed does not kill. Really, it doesn’t. Lots of other things do, like reckless driving, weaving, failure to signal, and so on, but speed doesn’t. I’m serious. Look up the truth for yourself and stop believing the bullshit the left-wing freedom-hating media keeps pumping up your ass.

Maybe if people grabbed their balls and stopped paying the tickets and stopped answering the door for the process server, the scumbag city of Scottsdale (and every other agency that operates photo radar) would lose so much money that they’d have no choice but to shut it all down. And yes, you can do this, I know people who’ve beaten 10+ photo tickets that way, and if they falsely claim it was served on you when it wasn’t, it costs $35 to have the Superior Court reverse the decision.

But, that’s unlikely, because Scottsdale is the biggest bunch of pussies on earth. Sorry for the profanity but I get really disgusted by the piss-poor attitude of people there.

Arizona: Tops in nation for increase in DUI deaths

August 27, 2007 by Frank · 4 Comments 

What does this mean in a state that has some of the most oppressive and draconian DUI laws in the nation?

It means these laws don’t work. In traditional Arizona style, they’re more geared toward revenue-generation than safety.

Mandatory jail time … huge fines … mandatory ignition interlock devices for 1st offenders … the list goes on and on. (And cities like Scottsdale and Mesa use a little-known state statute that allows an officer to arrest and charge you for DUI – actually called DWI under the statute – if in the officer’s opinion you are impaired … without a breath test, or even with a negative one!!! That my friends is tyranny.)

Here’s what a commentor on AZCentral had to say – and I agree:

Maybe people you should allow the legalization of letting drunks sleep in their cars, maybe then they wouldn’t actually drive drunk. But, when you have a M.O.R.O.N society, you let the police and prosecutors translate if you are anywhere near your car you will get a DUI, if you don’t think it’s true, go to DUIBLOG where you will find story after story of things that you didn’t think would happen. It’s to the point where if you have two beers and walk near your car with keys in your pocket, you will get a DUI, which now will cost you $10k to defend, pay fines, pay alcohol classes (cause you drank two beers), pay for jail, go to jail, pay for a breathalyzer to be installed in your car, pay fees at DMV, pay increased insurance costs. Now just go ahead people go ahead cry out some more about all these DUI stories, just give in some more to the money greedy machines. YOU ARE ALL BEING FOOLED!!!!!

PAY UP TO THE MAN… BECAUSE YOU ARE ALL MINDLESS SHEEP!!!! YES I’M (inappropriate term), but I’m not a Drunk Driver, I’m an American Patriot who knows that our founding fathers are spinning in their graves right now.

79 Scottsdale school buses vandalized

August 24, 2007 by Frank · 1 Comment 

To further solidify Scottsdale’s position as “The Compton of Arizona,” last night 79 school buses were vandalized by gangbangers for over $150,000 in damage.

Nice town. But we all know that instead of hiring more police officers, the scum garbage corrupt mayor and city council will use the money to buy more speed cameras instead.

Scottsdale Police: Scottsdale has 52 known gangs

August 23, 2007 by Frank · 2 Comments 

This bit of information comes from the Scottsdale chief of police himself, quoted today in an Arizona Republic article.

52 known gangs … in a small suburb of only 200,000 people. That’s pretty serious.

I thought this was the “upscale” and “affluent” town everybody wants to live in, and that all non-residents are jealous of? I thought Scottsdale was the “Beverly Hills of Arizona?”

Give me a break. It never had any real wealth – the current foreclosure situation proves that – and now it’s becoming the Compton of Arizona.

Another shooting in Scottsdale today

August 22, 2007 by Frank · 1 Comment 

Early this morning, another shooting took place, this time near the Denny’s on Scottsdale Road. Witnesses described the perps as “young clubgoers.”

Thank you, Scottsdale.

Months ago I predicted that the Mondrian, Valley Ho, and other new wannabe-LA establishments would attract nothing but garbage: Young druggies, drug dealers, prostitutes, and so on … and this is the result.

What did they expect? When you deliberately bring in a clubgoing crowd, you’re bringing in the crime and trouble that goes along with it. Another stupid move on the part of Scottsdale, and now it’s costing people their lives.

Downtown Scottsdale … the Compton of Arizona.

The Future of South Scottsdale

August 18, 2007 by Frank · 4 Comments 


Get used to it because that’s what coming … if it isn’t already there.

The Latest Scottsdale “Police” Ticket Scam

August 16, 2007 by Frank · 1 Comment 

Scottsdale “police” have found their latest easy-money trick: School zone “crackdowns.”

We all know that the school zones are a scam at any time other than when children are actually present, meaning before and after school. At all other times they’re just a big speed trap, and an unreasonably slow one at that.

In a two-hour crackdown, the Scottsdale “police” issued 138 school zone speeding tickets. (I wonder how many Scottsdale homes and cars were burglarized while this was going on?) At around $650 per school zone ticket, they made a cool $89,000 in two hours. Not bad.

Although, with one of the highest property crime rates in the country, you’d think Scottsdale would use their police resources a bit smarter. I guess it’s not profitable to have cops writing $150 speeding tickets on the 101 – that’s what the cameras are for – but when it comes to $600+ tickets, they’re willing to commit real live officers. What a joke. How about patrolling neighborhoods for a change? Oh, wait, that actually costs money. No profit potential = no Scottsdale “police.”

Click Here for the Full Article

Scottsdale Clubgoers: Cheap, broke, piss-poor tippers

August 15, 2007 by Frank · 2 Comments 

This article on Dirty Scottsdale by a cocktail waitress says it all. She covers the most common scams and excuses the losers who frequent Scottsdale clubs come up with to avoid tipping. I’m not a big fan of that site because it creates the false impression that Scottsdale has far more hot girls than it actually does, but this one is worth a read:

Read The Full Article Here

PS: On the hot girls thing, Scottsdale really was full of extremely hot women from my first visit in 1999 through about 2003. To be honest, that was a prime reason for my moving there. However, once the Real Estate Cult freakshow moved into town and took over, the beautiful, intelligent, young professional women who once inhabited Scottsdale bailed out and went back to their hometowns in the midwest and California and were replaced by fly-by-night, plastic, pizza-faced realtwhores.

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