AZ Republic: Quality of AZ life & schools sucks

October 31, 2007 by Frank · 7 Comments 

Here’s the article – it says it all

Brain-dead DC Ranch residents oppose WestWorld plan

October 31, 2007 by Frank · 1 Comment 

You know I love ripping on DC Ranch. The vast majority of homes “bought” there were on risky “creative” liar’s loans with no income verification and no documentation required. That’s why repo men roam DC Ranch streets on a daily basis and why over 50% of their marketplace has gone out of business.

Now the dumbasses who live there are vehemently opposing a plan to allow WestWorld parking north of 94th St and Bell Road.

That’s pretty ballsy on their part … DC Ranch is the poster child of Scottsdale Fake and is home to the broke phonies who now have no spending money thanks to no more freebie housing ATM. You’d think they’d at least be smart enough to allow one of the few remaining sources of revenue in Scottsdale, but that’s not the case.

Then again, when you have a community full of idiots who make $50,000 a year and signed mortgages for million dollar homes – knowing full well they couldn’t make the payments – it pretty much explains why they have IQs in the single digits and will never make intelligent decisions on anything.

And, of course, they all have the desire to fit into Scottsdale’s trendy anti-business, anti-capitalist, anti-American movement that opposes ALL progress, without any good reason whatsoever. They should all just pack up and move to San Francisco (or North Korea) where they belong to leave the normal people free to live their lives.

Paper says: “W Hotel poised to put Scottsdale on the map”

October 30, 2007 by Frank · 11 Comments 

Hmm, that’s funny, because according to Scottsdale’s leadership & residents over the last several years, they’re not only on the map already, but surpass New York and LA.

Let’s see … a new hotel in downtown Scottsdale, an area with the following distinguishing characteristics:

- High crime
- Declared a “rape zone” by Channel 3
- White trash
- Illegals
- Drugs & meth heads
- Hookers
- Nightlife on the decline (glorified frat party scene)
- Populated by trash in wifebeater shirts and lowrider cars

Sorry, but you ain’t gonna save your sad, pathetic downtown with a W Hotel. And sorry, but it’s not going to get people visiting Scottsdale as a vacation destination. People only go to Scottsdale for a specific reason – Barrett-Jackson, the FBR Open, a work conference, and so on … NO ONE and I mean NO ONE will ever view Scottsdale as a vacation destination unto itself.

Let’s try this again: Scottsdale, stop trying to be something you’re not. You’re not NY, LA, Vegas, OC, and never will be any of the above. Give it up already. The rest of the world laughs at your charade. Before the real estate boom hit and the town was invaded by shysters and plastic freaks, you had a good thing going – you were a nice, clean, safe, upscale suburb. But now you’ve ruined that good thing and have made a public spectacle of yourself, like some kind of circus attraction.

Just give it up already.

Running list of bankrupted Scottsdale businesses

October 30, 2007 by Frank · 3 Comments 

As the fake residents of Scottsdale no longer have access to easy credit thanks to the collapse of their fake real estate Ponzi-scheme driven economy, and now that the $30,000 millionaires actually have to live on their $30,000 salaries without endless home equity loans to pay for crap (and now that they must start repaying those loans on top of it), Scottsdale businesses and restaurants have begun closing down at a frightening pace.

Let’s keep a running list here … go ahead and post Scottsdale (and nearby) businesses & restaurants that’ve shut down due to the end of easy fake credit … I think it will be really eye-opening.

Shall we kick it off with my favorite: More than HALF of DC Ranch restaurants and shops.

Maybe we can even get photos of repo men in action here … haha … even way back in 2001 when I lived up near Troon they were seen at least once a week picking up a BMW or Lexus … I can only imagine how many of them are out in force now. Repo men in Scottsdale may soon outnumber NYC taxis.

Anti-American Scottsdale Blocks American Flag

October 29, 2007 by Frank · 2 Comments 

Communist scum Scottsdale has ordered a store to take down an American flag because it’s too big.

Sorry, but the American flag is NEVER too big.

This just goes to show what kind of evil, communist, corrupt, American-hating scum runs the City of Scottsdale. This is nothing new, though:

- Scottsdale forced WestWorld to get rid of their huge American flag on the building roof and actually spent a million dollars of taxpayer money to remove it and re-paint the surface.

- Back in September, 2001, the Arizona Legislature quickly passed an emergency bill to stop HOAs from fining residents who flew American flags in the wake of 9/11. It actually took a law to protect Arizonans from bloodsucking corrupt HOAs who hate our country and our flag and everything it stands for.

As someone correctly commented on this blog, if it were a Mexican or African or any other kind of flag in question, it would get to stay because removing it would be “racist.” But when it comes to an American flag, a flag that hundreds of thousands of brave souls died to create and to protect, nobody has any respect at all for it. Especially not the corrupt City of Scottsdale, which refuses to recognize the U.S. Constitution and the laws of the United States and they unfortunately get away with it because the town is populated by a bunch of lazy, indifferent, ignorant, apathetic garbage.

Next the communist People’s Republic of Scottsdale will order all American flags to be replaced with their Republic’s red star.

The Stars & Stripes are an “eyesore” but that big ugly blue dildo at FLW & Scottsdale Rd isn’t? Give me a break.

Scottsdale says “no more free lunch” to scum Scottsdale parents

October 29, 2007 by Frank · 4 Comments 

Yet more fallout from the credit crunch and collapse of Scottsdale’s fake Ponzi-scheme economy:

Scottsdale parents have been stiffing schools on their kids’ lunches.

Scottsdale schools have always had an “IOU” policy so a kid who forgets his lunch can get one from the cafeteria and pay it back tomorrow.

However, this has suddenly turned into a scheme where low-life morally defective Scottsdale parents are intentionally instructing their kids to rip the schools off for a free lunch. As a result, the “IOU” policy has gone out the window. No more free lunch. There are now over $20,000 in IOUs outstanding and the schools have said enough is enough already.

What kind of morally depraved, low-life, scumbag piece-of-shit, good for nothing “parents” instruct their kids to lie and steal? A Scottsdale “parent” … that’s who.

Then again, it’s not too surprising. Scottsdale epitomizes the looter mentality … the “I deserve it even though I haven’t worked for it” attitude promoted by Hillary & Co. Just look at how tens of thousands of Scottsdale people making $50,000 a year “bought” $800,000 homes, and now that they can’t make the payments, are arguing that they “deserve” to keep their houses. They blame the mortgage companies, even though it was them who lied on the loan applications about their incomes.

I keep hearing over and over from friends still living in Scottsdale that you walk into any bank branch in north Scottsdale and all you hear are people begging the bank to let them keep their cars and homes, even though they can’t make the payments, because they “deserve” it.

Fuck all these entitlement-minded assholes. They walked around for the past few years with massive attitudes complete with noses up in the air, looking down on anyone who wasn’t as fake and plastic as they are. Well now it’s time to pay the piper, you fake scum garbage.

PS: If you live in Scottsdale and don’t fit this description, you’re still garbage for choosing to live around this kind of scum, and you’re even filthier garbage if you’re able to tolerate them. I sure as hell couldn’t.

Idiotic plan announced for downtown Shittsdale

October 26, 2007 by Frank · 7 Comments 

A developer has announced a $380 million project to redevelop downtown Scottsdale.

I guess this guy hasn’t been down there in about 3 years, because that’s the last time the bars & clubs were crowded and anyone was spending any real money down there. Now it’s a ghost town, another victim of the housing crash that is destroying Scottsdale’s fake economy.

Scottsdale’s fake economy was based on fake real estate appreciation which resulted from fake loans given to people who lied on their applications and were never qualified … and who now cannot pay. Scottsdale is one big Ponzi scheme where 40% of people work in real estate (or did, anyway) and now that the Ponzi scheme has played out and the suckers have stopped buying in (or can’t get qualified for the fake loans anymore) the house of cards is collapsing.

And this clown wants to waste $380 million here? Wait a minute, hasn’t most of downtown already been redeveloped? You know, those luxury condos that sit vacant and those restaurants that nobody frequents thanks to the smell of sewage in the air? On top of that, the entire project is subject to the whim of the corrupt Scottsdale city council which does not operate under the U.S. Constitution and which has no set of guidelines or standards to approve or deny a project (except bribes). They govern a city of 200,000 but run it like a tiny backwards rural town with 80 residents.

People forget that before the real estate Ponzi scheme became the basis of Phoenix/Scottsdale’s economy, it was based on low-paying call center and manufacturing jobs. Guess what – the call centers have all moved to India and the factories have moved to China. You have no economy left. Tourism is a myth since the conventions are all moving to Vegas and the remaining snowbirds don’t spend any money in the local economy. Phoenix/Scottsdale is royally screwed, over and done with, the Detroit of the West.

Run-of-the-mill restaurants can’t even stay in business in Scottsdale anymore and this moron wants to develop downtown, Scottsdale’s crime-ridden ghetto. What a dumbass.

To the “” owner

October 26, 2007 by Frank · 3 Comments 

You’ve come to some wild conclusions on your embarrassment of a website. What I want to know is this:

Why are you hiding your identity?

I looked up your domain and it’s under a private registration. I don’t hide who I am on this site. In fact I want people to know who I am, because seeing a successful person criticize Scottsdale defeats the usual argument that the only people who dislike Scottsdale are “jealous” that they can’t afford to live there. The only reason you’d hide your identity is because you know your argument is a lie and has no basis in reality.

By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, most people AGREE with me! Therefore I don’t think I’m some wacko who has personal issues resulting in a hatred of Scottsdale. Most normal people who’ve lived there will agree that it’s the rudest, phoniest, and most pretentious place in the United States. The only people who seem to disagree with that statement are the phonies themselves, and I’m willing to bet that you’re one of them. Either that, or one of those failures in life who now sits on a Scottsdale HOA board and fines people for thinking for themselves because it’s the only power you’ll ever have in this lifetime.

Since you don’t have the balls to come out and say who you are, I decided to refute your defective arguments here:

The site clearly shows a person who places a premium on his/her own status

No, I do not place a premium on my own status. In fact, I’m coming out against 99% of Scottsdale residents who have an unhealthy obsession with status, so much so that they’re willing to destroy their financial well-being to get it. Just look at the current mortgage debacle for proof.

The site clearly shows a person who bases their arguments on emotions and not reason

These arguments are based on cold hard facts, learned after 7 years of living in that cesspool.

The site clearly shows a person who is unhappy and is made to feel better by spewing venomous hatred for no other apparent reason that spite

I’m one of the nicest and most polite people you will meet. The venemous hatred is being spewed forth by Scottsdale residents who have no manners and who get a sick thrill out of being rude and mean to anyone and everyone they encounter in daily life.

The site itself is a contradiction to its premise

How? The site is called “Scottsdale Sucks” and I tell why Scottsdale sucks. Is your IQ in the single digits? Come on.

Hasty generalization is a fallacy

This is not generalization. This is based on 7 years of experience of living right in the belly of the beast and knowing first-hand what the people in Scottsdale are really like.

I see pretension and prejudice in those who have the need to insult others without any real knowlege of those people

You sir are correct, and you’ve just described the vast majority of Scottsdale residents! Thank you for making my point for me!

Edit – thanks to war_shu_duck for this one – it really sums things up about the attitude:

Alright I waited a few days just in case was getting so much traffic that a glitch was occurring. Hardy har har!!! It appears thats not the case and what I am seeing is all there is to it. This site is a prime example of the poor quality, half assed, lazy, and uncreative people who live in this city and state and the lousy work they do.

Some idiots actually think Scottsdale is great

October 24, 2007 by Frank · Leave a Comment 

For the first time in months I shot over to to see what the shyster realtors who run that site are up to. A guy in Omaha posted that his job is moving him to Scottsdale and what to expect. Other people replied that it’s a cesspool full of fake, pretentious, nasty people with a major attitude problem. As expected, here’s what the con-man shyster realtor moderator of that site posted in reply … what a joke:

Scottsdale is a great place to live but you will find the types of people Steve-O mentioned. However after a while you just forget about it and realize that you’ll find these types EVERYWHERE in the US.

[Frank's comments: Sorry, but nothing in the US is even half as bad as Scottsdale, and no you don't get used to it, you just get more and more disgusted with it.]

Now Scottsdale is generally broken into 3 distinct areas; N. Scottsdale, C. Scottsdale (Old Town), and S. Scottsdale.

North Scottsdale is the newest part and has the most natural, desert setting. It’s also home to quite a few private communities and has the highest median home price in Scottsdale. It truly is a great place to live.

[Frank's comments: It's the epitome of fake, all those high-price homes are going to foreclosure, and the entire area's fake credit-fueled economy is collapsing. How come N. Scottsdale businesses and restaurants are dropping like flies and over 50% of the houses have 'for sale' or 'for rent' signs? Maybe because the fake scum who live there can't keep up their liar's loan mortgage payments?]

Central Scottsdale was built in the 70′s and 80′s primarily. It has Old Town which is basically the hub of Scottsdale. C. Scottsdale is built out though, there is no new construction homes. Overall it’s a very good area and at about 1/2 the price of N. Scottsdale.

[Frank's comments: A big collection of garbage 1980s tract homes that look like Mexico City construction and are falling apart.]

South Scottsdale is the oldest part and is considered to be fairly crime-ridden. Some neighborhood’s are bad but a good percentage are made of up middle-income singles and families. No new construction here and it has the lowest median home price in Scottsdale.

[Frank's comments: Gangland. He's right about south Scottsdale's insane crime, but he only says that to make his sorry north Scottsdale phony ass feel superior. Oh well, internet forums are the closest thing this guy will ever have to a social life, so we'll let him have his delusional fun.]

Does anyone still believe the myth of Scottsdale “wealth”?

October 24, 2007 by Frank · 8 Comments 

Now that the house of cards is tumbling and we’re seeing:

- Record foreclousres (doubled in the past month!)

- Repo men patrolling Scottsdale streets daily

- No more credit and housing ATM

- Restaurants and businesses dropping like flies

- Skyrocketing crime

- Loudmouthed blowhards in BMWs and Tommy Bahama shirts suddenly silent

- Mass exodus of beautiful single golddigger women from Scottsdale, replaced by white trash

- No more luxury cars and designers clothes in old town, just lowriders and wifebeater shirts

- No more lines to get into old town clubs, which are increasingly empty

- Continuing increases in poilce corruption and bogus tickets to offset property tax losses

…does anyone still believe in the fairy tale of Scottsdale’s “wealthy”? Is anyone – besides the phonies themselves, who are in denial – actually stupid enough to believe that there was ever any money in Scottsdale?

Does the town’s reputation even stand a chance, or will it forever be known as the land of shysters, fakers, phonies, and real estate hucksters?

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